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Republican Presidential Candidate Telephone Donors

Contact: Clay Beach
Phone: (615) 356-1100 Ext. 101


Beach List Direct presents this exclusive new list of contributors who have given $50+ to support the 2016 Republican presidential candidates. Excited about the election, these conservative donors wanted to help their favorite candidate become the President of the United States.

These donors are informed on the issues, and they have watched the debates. They actively participated in furthering their candidates' campaigns by donating money; volunteering; and encouraging their friends and family to vote, volunteer, and contribute.

Selectable by various dollar amounts ($50+, $100+, $250+, $500+, & $1,000+), these responsive donors are perfect candidates for a variety of offers, including charity and fundraising campaigns, political and grassroots campaigns, associations, conservative and religious subscriptions and publications, financial services, health and insurance, investments, and more!

Source: Telemarketing Fundraising Data

Selections With Counts
Minimum order 5,000 records.

Selections Counts $/M
12 Month Recency757,448$95.00
Monthly Hotline63,121$10.00

Jeb Bush Supporters 110,479
Ben Carson Supporters 79,716
Chris Christie Supporters 65,182
Ted Cruz Supporters 114,394
Carly Fiorina Supporters 87,445
Mike Huckabee Supporters 35,269
John Kasich Supporters 50,051
Rand Paul Supporters 48,743
Marco Rubio Supporters 127,151
Rick Santorum Supporters 39,018
Age $5.00
Dollar Amount $5.00
Donor Cause $5.00
Dwelling Type $5.00
Ethnicity $5.00
Gender $5.00
Homeowner/Renter $5.00
Income $5.00
Language Preference $5.00
Lifestyle Interests $10.00
Mail Order Buyers $5.00
Marital Status $5.00
MOB Categories $10.00
Presence of Child $5.00
Religion $5.00
State/SCF/Zip $5.00
Method of Addressing:
E-Mail Delivery $50.00/flat
FTP $100.00/flat
Run Charges $15.00/M

Commissions, Credit Policy - 20% commission to recognized brokers. Cancellation Charges: Cancellation before five (5) days prior to approved mail date: $200.00 flat fee, plus $15.00/M run charges, plus output media, shipping, and handling charges. Cancellation after five (5) days prior to approved mail date incurs full charge.

Delivery Schedule - Delivery from 5 to 7 working days.

Restrictions - Minimum order 5,000 records. Sample direct mail piece required for list owner's approval. Telemarketing script and SANS number are required for all non-exempt telemarketing rentals. One year unlimited use may be available. Please inquire. Net name arrangements available. Please inquire. 90% deliverability guaranteed.

Maintenance - Updated monthly. NCOA monthly.

Alliance Defending Freedom

List Manager - Beach List Direct, Inc.

Contact: Clay Beach
Phone: (615) 356-1100 Ext. 101


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