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Die-Hard Donors by Frequency

Contact: Clay Beach
Phone: (615) 356-1100


The Die-Hard Donors by Frequency file consists of contributors who have given money multiple times to support causes they believe in, including:

- Animal
- Children's
- Conservative
- Environmental
- Firefighters
- Health
- Humanitarian
- International Aid
- Liberal
- Police
- Veterans
- Wildlife

These generous individuals want to make the world a better place, and they show this by donating on a frequent basis. Some fight for animal rights, wildlife protection, and environmental conservation. Others rally to support our first responders and defenders - police, firefighters, and veterans. Some focus their efforts on helping children's, health, and humanitarian organizations. Still others donate to their preferred conservative or liberal causes or even give funds to help those in other countries suffering from oppression or natural disasters.

These contributors remain active in the fundraising community by giving to their preferred causes frequently, which makes them perfect targets for other philanthropic campaigns. In spite of the economic ups and downs of this year, these consistent donors are determined to continue helping the less fortunate and furthering their causes.

This file captures multi-donors who give regularly and often. This is a powerful file of known direct mail charitable donors, selectable by how much they have donated, when they have donated, and how frequently they have donated.

Source: Philanthropic & Charitable Direct Mail

Selections With Counts
Minimum order 5,000 records.

Selections Counts $/M
12 Month Recency236,359$110.00

3+ Donations in L12M 236,359 --------- $110/M
6+ Donations in L12M 126,202 --------- $125/M
Age $10.00
Gender $5.00
Homeowner/Renter $10.00
Income $10.00
Net Worth $15.00
State/SCF/Zip/County $5.00
Method of Addressing:
Email Delivery $75.00/flat
FTP $100.00/flat
Key Coding $5.00/M

Commissions, Credit Policy - 20% commission to recognized brokers. Cancellation Charges: Cancellation before five (5) days prior to approved mail date: $200.00 flat fee, plus $15.00/M run charges, plus output media, shipping, and handling charges. Cancellation after five (5) days prior to approved mail date incurs full charge.

Delivery Schedule - Delivery from 5 to 7 working days.

Restrictions - Minimum order 5,000 records. Sample direct mail piece required for list owner's approval. One year unlimited use may be available. Please inquire. Net name arrangements available. Please inquire. 95% deliverability guaranteed.

Maintenance -Updated monthly. NCOA monthly.

Please inquire.

List Manager - Beach List Direct, Inc.

Contact: Clay Beach
Phone: (615) 356-1100


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