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Concert & Sporting Event Ticket Buyers

Contact: Clay Beach
Phone: (615) 356-1100, ext. 101

Beach List Direct introduces the Concert & Sporting Event Ticket Buyers list. These consumers enjoy being immersed in live musical performances and/or cheering on their favorite teams in person. Whether they typically attend 2-3 events in a month or just a few per year, they have enough discretionary income to spend on these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

These event ticket buyers are interested in living life to the fullest, and they make fun and entertainment a priority. Some of them love watching and participating in the excitement of a live game, including experiencing the camaraderie they feel with their fellow sports' fans. Others find the peace and satisfaction of living in the moment while dancing with, listening to, and watching the powerful performances of their favorite musicians.

Source: Surveys

Selections With Counts
Minimum order 5,000 records.

Selections Counts $/M
12 Month Recency836,623$85.00
Monthly Hotline68,603$10.00

Other Selections
Age $10.00
Credit Card Buyers $10.00
Donors $10.00
Dwelling Type $10.00
Education Level $10.00
Ethnicity $10.00
Gender $10.00
Geography $10.00
Homeowner/Renter $10.00
Income $10.00
Language Preference $10.00
Marital Status $10.00
Presence of Child $10.00
Religion $10.00
Method of Addressing:
Email Delivery $50.00/flat
FTP $100.00/flat

Commissions, Credit Policy - 20% commission to recognized brokers. Cancellation Charges: Cancellation before five (5) days prior to approved mail date: $200.00 flat fee, plus $15.00/M run charges, plus output media, shipping, and handling charges. Cancellation after five (5) days prior to approved mail date incurs full charge.

Delivery Schedule - Delivery from 5 to 7 working days.

Restrictions - Minimum order 5,000 records. Sample direct mail piece required for list owner's approval. One year unlimited use may be available. Please inquire. Net name arrangements available. Please inquire. 90% deliverability guaranteed.

Maintenance -Updated & NCOA Monthly.

Please inquire.

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Contact: Clay Beach
Phone: (615) 356-1100, ext. 101

Contact: Joy Miller
Phone: (615) 356-1100, ext. 102

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