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Democratic Dames

Contact: Clay Beach
Phone: (615) 356-1100 Ext. 101


Unique only to Beach List Direct, Democratic Dames is the newest and freshest list of Democratic women donors available on the list rental market.

These females are active, committed donors to liberal candidates and causes in the last 12 months. With President Obama now in the White House, these enthusiastic, socially minded women are more engaged than ever in their party’s challenging goals to reform the political environment and the state of our nation.

Selectable by age, income, dollar amount, education level, ethnicity, homeowners, religion, mail order buyers and reading preference, this file allows mailers to target Democratic women donors who are most likely to respond to their direct mail offer. Ideal for these direct marketers: charities and fundraising campaigns, insurance, medical and health products and services, apparel and accessories, self improvement, home and garden, catalogs, books, magazines, subscriptions, continuity clubs, credit cards, travel, cable TV and Internet, automobiles, investments, financial services, telecommunications and wireless, beauty and cosmetics, and much more.

Source: Public Campaign Donation Records

Selections With Counts
Minimum order 5,000 records.

Selections Counts $/M
12 Month Recency295,894$95.00
Monthly Hotline24,657$10.00

Other Selections

Age of Adult


Dollar Amount

Dwelling Type $10.00

Education Level



Geography $8.00







Known Internet Users


Length of Residence


Mail Order Buyer/Responder (Inquire for Categories)


Marital Status


Presence of Children


Presence of Credit Card

Reading Preference (Inquire for Categories) $12.50



Method of Addressing:
E-Mail Delivery $50.00/Flat
FTP $75.00/Flat
Key Coding $2.50/M
Run Charges $15.00/M

Commissions, Credit Policy - 20% commission to recognized brokers. Cancellation Charges: Cancellation before five (5) days prior to approved mail date: $200.00 flat fee, plus $15.00/M run charges, plus output media, shipping, and handling charges. Cancellation after five (5) days prior to approved mail date incurs full charge.

Delivery Schedule - Delivery from 5 to 7 working days.

Restrictions - Minimum order 5,000 records. Sample direct mail piece required for list owner's approval. Telemarketing script and SANS number are required for all telemarketing rentals. One year unlimited use may be available. Please inquire. Net name arrangements available. Please inquire. 90% deliverability guaranteed.

Maintenance -Updated monthly.

Anonymous Hunger and Poverty Mailer
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Emily's List
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
Planned Parenthood Federation
United Negro College Fund

List Manager - Beach List Direct, Inc.

Contact: Clay Beach
Phone: (615) 356-1100 Ext. 101


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