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Health & Life Insurance Inquirers by Policy Type

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Beach List Direct presents our list, Health & Life Insurance Inquirers by Policy Type, exclusively sourced and built so that marketers can target folks wanting to purchase new or additional kinds of Health & Life Insurance for themselves and their families.

Life Insurance Policy Types include those seeking Term Life, Whole Life, or Universal Life Insurance. Health Insurance inquirers are searching for better health coverage than they have presently.

While this database consists mostly of middle aged males with annual household incomes of $50,000 and higher, the mailer can select a specific target audience, such as young to middle aged parents, retirees, or grandparents by the household's income or wealth, as well as by the adult's gender and age.

Term Life Insurance Inquirers -- Our 5,276,422 prospects know that Term Life is the most economical way to protect their families in the event a head of household passes away. Term Life Insurance, typically offered for up to 30 years (depending on the term of the policy), provides for such critical financial responsibilities as mortgages, consumer debts, loans, dependent care and education, and funeral costs.

- They will spend at least $750 every year on Term Life Insurance
- Males make up about 90% of this file
- Aged 30 & over
- Income $45,000+
- Wealth $90,000 & higher

Whole Life Insurance Inquirers -- Our 2,418,028 prospects understand there are two major advantages to purchasing a Whole Life policy. First, the policy's premium does not increase in cost during one's entire (i.e., whole) life, regardless of one's health and age. Second, all those premiums that are being paid (after tax) go toward the cash value (as well as the death benefit) of the Whole Life policy. As the policy grows in cash value, it becomes a borrowing vehicle when the need for cash arises - for instance, to help pay for a child's college tuition.

- They will spend at least $2,000 every year on Whole Life Insurance
- Males make up 95% of this file
- Aged 35 & over
- Income $75,000+
- Wealth $180,000 & higher

Universal Life Insurance Inquirers -- Our 3,878,610 prospects want a Life Insurance policy that offers flexibility of deciding how much and how often to make payments toward insurance premium. As long as the total insurance expense requirements are met, the cash value of the Universal Life policy will grow. Universal Life coverage offers a tremendous amount of versatility to policy holders whose income tends to rise and fall during their lifetimes!

- They will spend at least $1,250 every year on Universal Life Insurance
- Males make up 90% of this file
- Aged 40 & over
- Income $55,000+
- Wealth $100,000 & higher

Health & Dental Insurance Inquirers -- Our 4,573,944 prospects want to find the best health coverage for themselves and their families. Most of these individuals are either searching for health insurance for the first time, or they are unsatisfied with their current plans.

- They will spend an average of $900 every year on Health Insurance Policies
- Males make up 85% of this file
- Aged 40 & over
- Income $40,000+
- Wealth $75,000 & higher

Mailers marketing both insurance and investments products and services will want to test these Health & Life Insurance Inquirers by Policy Type .

Source: Direct Mail, Insurance Surveys, & Proprietary Sources

Selections With Counts
Minimum order 5,000 records.

Selections Counts $/M
12 Month Recency11,192,535$110.00
Monthly Hotline953,217$25.00

Other Selections
Age $ 10.00
Gender $ 10.00
Homeowner/Renter $ 10.00
Income $ 15.00
Length of Residence $ 10.00
Phone Numbers $ 25.00
State/SCF/Zip/County $ 8.00
Wealth Level $ 15.00

Method of Addressing:
Email Delivery $75.00/Flat
FTP $100.00/Flat
Key Coding $5.00/M

Commissions, Credit Policy - 20% commission to recognized brokers. Cancellation Charges: Cancellation before five (5) days prior to approved mail date: $200.00 flat fee, plus $15.00/M run charges, plus output media, shipping, and handling charges. Cancellation after five (5) days prior to approved mail date incurs full charge.

Delivery Schedule - Delivery from 5 to 7 working days.

Restrictions - Minimum order 5,000 records. Sample direct mail piece required for list owner's approval. One year unlimited use may be available. Please inquire. 90% deliverability guaranteed.

Maintenance -Updated monthly. Run through NCOA & Deceased Suppression quarterly.

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Evergreen Health Cooperative
HAP - Health Care
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

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Contact: Clay Beach
Phone: (615) 356-1100 Ext. 101


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