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Telemarketing is one of the proven markeing methods allowing almost immediate contact with the customer or prospect. The direct contact over the phone can be powerful and reveal quickly a great deal of information about your product, your approach and your target audience. Telemarketing can be very cost effective as the primary expenses are the list, the telephone bill and the caller's time.

Telephone lists are rented for one-time completed telephone call use. The costs are typically $100/M to $300/M (per thousand) with a 5,000 to 10,000 minimum rental. Telephone lists, like direct mail lists, are compiled from public sources: business and telephone directories, driver's licenses, vehicle (auto, boat, plane) registrations, birth certificates, voter registrations, marriage licenses, property and other courthouse records, and the like. Response lists are comprised of those who have responded to some product or service offer.

Telephone lists can be selected by specific targets through a host of demographic, purchasing, geographic and industry criteria similar to the depth of direct mail list selection.

Telephone list owners want to make sure you are making professional calls so they will want to read and approve your telemarketing script.

As the marketer, you will be required to have a SANS# (Subscription Account Number) for calls to consumers at their household. Also, the marketer is required to suppress all Do Not Call Registry numbers for any telephone list they are using even though most rented list will have been DNC scrubbed already.

To register with the National Do Not Call Registry and for information on obtaining a SANS#, please click on these two links:


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