DM Design and Print


Direct Mail Design and Print Production – Design Sells! We can plan, design, print and manage your Direct Mail programs.


If you are mailing targeted lists, we can help with your associated direct mail design including related online efforts. Your direct mail design, like your targeted mailing list, should speak to your target audience.

Our philosophy, "Design Interacts. Design Communicates. Design Sells." reflects our belief that solid creative strategies positively impact response levels and Return on Investment (ROI).

Whether you're a new brand preparing for launch, or an established corporation reorganizing your marketing program, you can count on us for innovation, accountability, and results in all aspects of creative communications.

DM Design and Print

Our creative resources at BLD are second to none. We are creative directors and designers, copywriters, photographers and illustrators – who are brand-aware and message/offer focused, to create direct mail programs that are responsive and positively impactful with regard to your ROI. We work with you to define the parameters of your DM project, from design of the mailer from initial design presentations through refinement to an approved piece. We coordinate the printing and lettershop vendors, and get your mail piece into the mail stream, as quickly and affordable as possible. We recommend and manage test versions of your mail piece as well, and track response, to help pinpoint what is working and what needs further refinement. Throughout the entire process, you are in the loop, in charge and informed.

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List Recommendations
Of course, you have to find he best prospects to send your direct marketing piece to. We provide quality program recommendations with all the details.

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