The changes are astonishing indeed:

• In 1994 there were 25,000 mailing lists on the list rental market. Now there are over 60,000 lists – postal, opt-in email, and telemarketing – available to rent

• The fast paced rise of Internet and email marketing has forced marketers to learn the importance of search engine optimization, data capturing, and user friendliness in their web development. And, the technology is morphing into new media, some of the latest being Click-to-Call and RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

• The growth in insert media with its shared cost and highly targeted impact means many more card decks, PIPS, statement stuffers, and co-ops are available for testing today than a decade ago

• Fundraising by non-profit and political organizations of all kinds has grown to be a major component of the direct marketing industry. Contributing has become a important and visible part of American society.

With the ever-growing selection of marketing channels, our guess is that you experience a daily struggle deciding where to put your marketing dollars.

Just how do you incorporate a manageable marketing structure that will allow one channel to support another?

Through The Cumulative Power of Responsive Multi-channel Direct Marketing

At Beach List Direct, marketing is


The beauty of direct marketing is that it is measurable and accountable. Successful direct marketing campaigns are built on testing and analyzing those tests to see what works and what does not. The successes are not flukes. They are provable and they can be repeated.

Now combine this predictability with the cumulative power of utilizing a consistent message across multiple channels and you have something truly




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