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How Seniors Want to Live Out Their Lives
By Clay Beach, Beach List Direct

Basically, there are two kinds of senior living choices: assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities or nursing homes. The literature on senior living and long term care make it clear that most older adults prefer a third choice: they want to remain in their own homes as they age. Read the full article>>

Trends in Post-Retirement Living
By Clay Beach, Beach List Direct

In an aging US population, the choices and issues surrounding post-retirement living and long term care are foremost in the minds of millions of Americans. Expert predictions say this new world of seniors will emerge suddenly rather than gradually. Read the full article>>

A. Boomers
2046: A boomer odyssey
By Marco R. della Cava, USA TODAY

For most busy denizens of the early 21st century, contemplating the future means figuring out tomorrow's dinner. But take a moment to journey forward to 2046, when 79 million baby boomers will be 82 to 100 years old.

The Forecast, The Challenge
Second Edition, Princeton, NJ, January 2003
Prepared by The Institute for the Future

See Chapter 14 for discussion of health care trends related to Seniors

B. Travel
AARP Travel Section

Senior Travel Resource

C. Housing
1. (PDF) What Older People Want From Long-Term Care, And How They Can Get It
Determining older persons’ long-term care preferences is a necessary prelude to devising a system that honors their wishes.
by Robert L. Kane and Rosalie A. Kane

2. AARP Internet Resources on Aging
Browse or search AARP's database on Internet resources below, and link to more than 900 of the best sites for people age 50+.

D. Aging workforces
1. Facing an Ageing Workforce: Information for Public Service HR Managers
New Zealand State Services Commission

2. Hiring Older Workers: A Solid and Sound Investment Proposition
By Deborah Russell, Director of Economic Security and Work - AARP February 2006

Conscious Consumer Marketing
Conscious ConsumerBeach List Direct understands the emerging Conscious Consumer marketplace.

From greening the home to buying organic to environmental and social causes to conscious entertainment to Clean Tech businesses to eco-tourism to integrative healthcare...this is no fringe movement. People's values are changing and so are their lifestyle and purchasing choices. Traditional marketing approaches are effective in reaching these groups: millions of consumers, charitable givers, businesses and non-profits who are pro-active and growing in numbers and influence.

Work with Us
Beach List Direct helps emerging companies (like yours) in the Conscious Consumer marketplace expand their business through custom, targeted, multi-channel direct marketing programs. We find like-minded consumers who want to hear about your sustainable product or service (the list). We can also help plan your campaigns and produce effective direct mail pieces for you, from design to printing to mailing. Follow-up eBlasts can be transmitted through our Bulk eMail Interface to your growing house list. And through multiple reply options including custom landing pages, email, phone and reply card, and A/B testing, you can track response and learn how to refine your next efforts for even greater response. All the elements needed to start an effective, fresh direct marketing program designed to grow your business.

• Green/Clean Tech: The green technology field is currently one of the hottest and most rapidly-expanding - labeled as the "largest economic opportunity of the 21st century" by John Doerr, esteemed Silicon Valley venture capitalist. Last year, over $1.6 billion was funneled into clean tech ventures last year, and this year, the industry is seeing an even bigger acceleration. (Doerr Firm Invests in 'Green Technology')

• Organic Food: The organic food market is the fastest-growing sector of the food industry, with annual sales of more than $6 billion and a growth rate of 20% per year over the last two decades. (Organic Trade Association). Health Foods: Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Rainbow Grocery (SF)

• Alternative Medicine: While 90 million Americans have chronic illness, more than 60% of the American population seek alternative treatments and believe in the importance of self-healing. Health spa and wellness centers are a rising $5 billion annual industry. Americans spend at least $27 billion out-of-pocket every year on complementary/alternative medicine, and make about 1.5 as many visits to complementary medicine practitioners as they make to primary care doctors each year, (Journal of the American Medical Association, Nov 1998)

• Eco-Friendly Purchasing: Nearly two-thirds of Americans, approximately 130 million consumers, report that they would be likely to switch brands to one associated with a social or environmental cause. (Cone/Roper 1999 report). 87 percent of Americans are concerned about the environment, according to Environmental Research Associates. Between 80% and 90% of Americans participated in simple eco-conscious behavior like recycling and reducing energy and water usage, while 73% bought environmentally beneficial products (Gallup poll 2000).

• Yoga & Movement Arts: About 20 million Americans practice yoga, up nearly 30 percent in 2004 (Yoga Journal, 2003). Yoga is increasing its popularity in fitness centers & corporate gyms, and has studios seemingly popping up at every other corner. Other movement arts such as Pilates and Tai Chi are rising as well.

• Progressive Youth Population: The potential of the growing market of young, progressive, action-oriented people is enormous. Young people will comprise half the world's population in the next ten years. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 64 million young people between the ages of 18-34, accounting for 23% of the U.S. population. These young people want to make a difference. As consumers, they have disposable income, engage in 'green behavior' and spend $153 billion annually (Jupiter Communications).

• Sustainable Economy & Development: A recent survey found that 82% of international business leaders already believe that they can derive real business value from implementing a sustainable development approach to strategy and operations. The tens of thousands of nonprofit groups working for social change are realizing that collaboration and connectedness are the keys to effective change. Government agencies are facilitating public-private partnerships to speed up the development of solutions that benefit both the public and the earth.


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