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Insert Media. Alternative Media Development and Management from Beach List Direct. Your Multi-Channel Marketing Plan Should Include Insert Media!


Insert MediaInsert Media (also known as Alternative Media) can be the perfect compliment to your other Direct Marketing efforts, and a low-cost, highly effective vehicle to enhance your multi-channel marketing approach.

Insert Media offers specific advantages that make it a great compliment to your other multi-channel marketing efforts:
• Insert media is lower cost since postage is shared.
• Insert media is very cost-effective in large quantities, as costs for printing, shipping and insertion are lower.
• Insert media offers the best recency. If recency is King, its hard to make an offer more recently than an offer delivered in the box of a purchase.
• Insert media offers category exclusivity. You can select insert programs based on buyer behavior and associate your offer with well-established brands. You can lock in your insertion to keep competitors out.

Insert Media

A Unique Delivery Vehicle
• Inserts must stand alone and grab your target's attention immediately.
• Inserts are typically no larger than 5.25 x 8 inches, and each side should present a compelling proposition, independently of the other. As always, offer is king. A simple, clear offer posing little risk and offering "no obligation" is key.
• Inserts can have detachable "Business Reply Cards" (BRC) that recipients can detach and mail in, in addition to calling a phone number, or visiting a landing page on the web.

Beach List Direct is your one-stop source for launching and managing a successful insert media marketing strategy. By staying on top of the latest insert media available, we can research and recommend highly targeted programs meeting your advertising quantities and budget expectations. We help you through the creative concept and design process, print production, delivery and tracking so that your insert media programs enhance and strengthen your entire multi-channel marketing strategy. And, the entire process can be monitored through our online campaign management system, The BeachCAM.

Insert Media is a grouping of several types of marketing programs which include:

Package Insert Programs (PIPs)
These stand alone advertising pieces are inserted into the merchandise packages shipped to customers. Costs are typically $55/M-$65/M. Consumer groups can be targeted based on the type of merchandise purchased.

Card Decks
A card deck is typically a group of business reply cards from various marketers secured in poly-wraps. The offers are generally related by a theme or market such as gardening or elderly health care. Costs range from $50/M to $75/M. Co-ops are typically lower cost ($20/M to $45/M), mass mailings of coupons.

Blow-ins and Bind-ins
Pre-printed pieces inserted into consumer or business catalogs or magazines. Catalog blow-ins are placed but not secured inside catalogs or magazines and often fall out in the reader’s lap. Catalog bind-ins are glued into the seam of a catalog or magazine. Costs tend to be around $35/m but can rise to $65/M or higher.

Newspaper Free-Standing Inserts (FSIs)
Coupon pages inserted inside the pages of a newspaper.

Stand-alone advertising pieces placed inside the plastic wrapper of a magazine or catalog

Statement Stuffers/Inserts
Advertising pieces placed in the monthly billing statements of other business, especially credit card companies and banks.

A marketer may allow outside advertising to “piggy-back” on or in a wrapper of a catalog or magazine. Costs typically run $40/M-$65/M.

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