List Rental Basics

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List Broker Services

What a List Broker does for you.

  • While many list brokers also have full-service agencies and can help plan entire direct mail campaigns, their specific brokerage duties are:
  • Review and understand your goals and objectives, budgets and mailing experience
  • Research the market for appropriate lists including any that are new to the market
  • Screen lists based on historical performance and list owner reputations
  • Provide recommendations via data cards and other documentation
  • Advise on selections and segmenting, especially when the target audience is
    somewhat elusive
  • Check selection and order details, dates and other instructions
  • Clear sample mail pieces with list owners – prior approval can minimize later
    disappointments and delays
  • Negotiate volume discounts, net name arrangements and special pricing
  • Coordinate timing and push list suppliers on late deliveries




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