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Proprietary mailing lists managed by Beach List Direct are available for list brokers and list industry professionals. Our managed lists provide records in a variety of categories.



$1,000+ Democratic Donors
$1,000+ Republican Donors
$100 Democratic Donors
$100 Republican Donors
$500 Democratic Donors
$500 Republican Donors

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2018-2019 Progressive Republican Donors
2019 Devoted Donors to Charities
2019 Rural Responsive Republicans

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A to Z Licensed Professionals
Aching and Ailing Disability and Ailment Sufferers
Active Armed Forces
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Holders
Adventurous Travelers
Advocates of The Arts
African American Donors
African American Donors By Cause
Ailing Americans
All About Armed Forces Veterans
All About Business Travelers
All About Cigars
All About Hispanic New Homeowners
All About Senior Travelers
All About Seniors
All About Travelers
America's Licensed Workers
Animal Advocates
Auto Empire
Auto Insurance Policyholders by Company

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Babies on the Way Prenatal
Battling Back Pain
Beach List Cigarette Smokers by Brand
Benevolent Benefactors
Betrothed Brides
Big-Hearted Retirees
BLDI Health Insurance Holders by Program and Policy Type
BLDI Prescription Drug Buyers by Amount and Type of Store
Businesses by SIC Code with Top Contact

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Canadian Businesses
Canadian Consumers Tele-Verified
Caring Contributors to Children's Causes
CD Investors
Christian Conservative Donors
Cigar Lovers
Concert and Sporting Event Ticket Buyers
Conservative African American Donors
Continuing Education Responders
Contributors to African American Candidates
Crazy for NASCAR!
Cruise Travelers
Currently Enrolled Scholars with Degrees

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Dealing with Diabetes
Dealing with Divorce
Dedicated Animal Welfare Donors
Democratic Cause and Candidate Donors
Democratic Dames
Democratic Donors by Frequency
Democratic Super PAC Donors
Democratic Supporters of LGBTQ Equality Causes
Devoted Democratic Donors
Devoted Dog Owners
Devoted Donors By Cause
Devoted Independent Donors
Devoted Republican Donors
Diabetics Hotline
Donors at Business Address
Donors to Education Causes
Donors to Green Causes and Candidates
Donors to Police and Firefighters
Donors to Underprivileged Youth

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Election Year Democratic Donors
Election Year Republican Donors

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Fast Growing Businesses

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Gays and Lesbians
Get Your Motor Running: Motorcyclists
Givers to the Greater Good
Giving Gals
Golf Merchandise Buyers
Green Americans
Green Parents
Guns and Hunters
Guns for Fun: Hunters and Shooters

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Hard-Core Conservative Donors
Health and Life Insurance Inquirers by Policy Type
Health and Medical Cause Donors
Helpers of the Homeless
High School and College Student Responders
Hola Familias!
Hola Subscribers En Espanol!
Home-Based Business Owners who Donate
Homes, Gardens and Cooking Enthusiasts
Hopeful Humanitarians
Hotline Democratic Donors @ Email Address
Hotline Republican Donors @ Email Address
Households Caring for the Elderly

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Independent Political Donors
Individuals with High Net Worth
Infomercial Shoppers
International and Humanitarian Cause Donors
Investing in Real Estate
Investors with Wealth

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Just Connected Movers

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K-9s and Kittens

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Magazine Me!
Magnificent Milestones and Trigger Data
Medigap Insurance Buyers and Prospects
Military Veterans Donating to Military and Veterans Causes
Military Veterans Donating to Republican Causes
Mobility Challenged
Moderate Blue Dog Democratic Donors
Moderate Republican Donors
Mommies and Babies
Multi-Sourced African American Responders
Multi-Sourced Catalog and Mail Order Buyers
Multi-Sourced Credit Card Carriers
Multi-Sourced Ethnic Responders Masterfile
Multi-Sourced Families
Multi-Sourced Subscribers
Multi-Sourced Sweepstakes Responders
Multi-Sourced Travelers

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New Businesses NOW!
Nuts for Needle Working!

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Occupation and Job Changers
One on the Way! Prenatal Database
Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction

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Pay Day Loan Online Applicants
Pet Supply MOBs Who Donate
Platinum Democrats
Platinum Republicans
Prime Earners: Baby Boomers
Prime Earners: Financial Services Buyers
Prime Earners: Golfers
Pro-Gun Ownership Donors

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Religious Democratic Donors
Republican Cause and Candidate Donors
Republican Donors by Frequency
Republican Super PAC Donors
RFM Now! African American Buyers
RFM Now! Do-it-Yourselfers
RFM Now! Donors
RFM Now! Families
RFM Now! Hispanic Buyers
RFM Now! Pet Supply Buyers
RFM Now! Seniors
RFM Now! SOHO Buyers
RFM Now! Travelers
Rich Retirees

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Smokers Using Medications to Quit
SOHO Now in Business
Spending Consumers
Spending Families with Pre-Teens and Teenagers
Spending Families with Young Children
Successful Male High Dollar Buyers
Suffering Seniors
Super Catholic Donors
Super Conservative Christian Donors
Super Democrats
Super Fiscal Conservative Donors
Super Grandparents
Super Hispanic Donors
Super Jewish Donors
Super Military Veteran Donors
Super Republicans
Super Seniors
Super Sweepstakes Donors
Supporters of Earth and Environmental Causes
Supporters of Social Conservative Causes

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Taking a Break - Timeshare Owners
Tea Party Donors
The SOHO Network
The Unemployed and Uninsured
Thrifty Travelers and Prospects
Traveling Internationally
Trump Country Republican Donors

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Urban Democrats

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Wealthy Seasoned Travelers
Well-to-Do Senior Vacationers
Women's High Dollar and Fashion Buyers

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You Deploy! Business Email Addresses
You Deploy! Consumer Email Addresses
Young Republican Donors
Young Travelers With Money


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