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If you are responsible for providing targeted mailing lists to your clients, let Beach List Direct do the research for you!

It's a simple as that. At BLD, we access the over 60,000 lists on the list rental market everyday, in addition to our own managed lists. We know how to find the target demographic your client craves. We'll provide this research service to your agency free of charge AND provide a targeted list research report that you can brand and present to your client.

The process is straightforward; just supply us with the target market specifications you require (be as specific as you can) including, but not limited to, geography (zip codes, SCFs or states), age, income, lifestyle, occupation, ailments, etc. We will present summary reports of the targeted lists we recommend and refine the list to your satisfaction, including exact counts available for each list, based on your criteria. The summary reports contain datacards on each list describing the list in detail, including costs. You simply place this recommendation on your corporate letterhead and present to your client.

Once your client selects the lists they would like to test, we will generate a List Order Confirmation for you to approve. You would then supply a purchase order to us and arrange payment for the order. We will also need a sample mail piece (PDF) from you to present to the list owner, who will need to approve the creative before releasing records.

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Get counts on any Targeted Consumer Mailing Lists by contacting Roberta Beach today for a FREE quote! (615)356-1100 x6305.

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We have provided list brokerage, list management, online and offline creative services, search engine optimization and data processing services (e.g., email transmissions, merge/purges, data entry, data append, data cleanup, best customer modeling, response analysis) for advertising agencies across the US, and we can help your agency, too! Review our full client list here.



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